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Dreamscape Learn at ASU

Dreamscape Learn at ASU is an education game changer — combining the emotional power of Hollywood storytelling with a fully immersive virtual reality learning experience. We caught up with students after their first virtual reality biology class to hear how it went.

ON EDTECH+: Sometimes a Good Result is Just a Good Result

Beyond the comprehensive nature of the redesign and the relatively small but important role of VR, I was specifically blown away by the engagement angle. Participating in the VR sessions and observing lab activities, I was struck by how much of my attention was directed toward the story.

THE HECHINGER REPORT: My Trip to the Alien Zoo: A Virtual Biology 101 Class

My trip to the Alien Zoo wasn't just for fun or a total abuse of my role as an education journalist. It was an opportunity to experience what about 8,000 students at Arizona State University are already doing on a weekly basis as a part of their introductory biology courses.



BUSINESS INSIDER: Virtual Reality Edtech Startup Dreamscape Learn Raises Funding

How the unlikely partnership between a VR startup cofounded by the former head of DreamWorks and Arizona State University has led to a mind-blowing student learning experience

WORKING NATION: ASU’s Dreamscape Learn: How virtual reality is transforming education

In January, ASU plans to launch a course using a virtual immersive experience that it describes as a first of its kind in the industry. ASU partnered with Dreamscape Immersive, the VR entertainment company, to form Dreamscape Learn. And the approach has potential to be applied to all kinds of classrooms as well as adult learners in the workforce.


I caught a preview of Dreamscape Learn at the ASU+GSV Summit in August in San Diego and had a chance to speak to Lisa Flesher and Phil Regier about the learning tool and its potential to transform education.


"If I had this experience in my freshman year, I would have stuck with it more since it would make it easier for me to learn."


 “The experience was awesome, and it will change everything on campus if implemented.”

VR Biology Lab Experience Leads to Student Success

Consider what happened in Biology 181. Initial studies show that students who participated in the Dreamscape Learn version of the course had dramatically higher lab grades and better engagement than their peers who took the conventional lab course.

FORBES: How Web3/Ed3 And Immersive Technologies Signal A New Era For K-12 Education

Then there’s the promise of integrating emerging immersive technologies like AR and VR into the curriculum, which Arizona State University is piloting. Dreamscape Learn is a digital educational platform that merges pedagogy and narrative storytelling with fully immersive, avatar-driven virtual reality. ASU is using the technology from Dreamscape Learn for labs in two of its introductory biology classes. The platform gives students the chance to explore problems that reflect the courses’ key concepts—but in a way I could never have imagined.

BIG THINK: How the Metaverse Will Revolutionize K-12 and Higher Education

I have always believed that immersive education is one of the most important uses. But it wasn't until my recent visit to Dreamscape Learn in Culver City, California that I experienced immersive content that is poised to revolutionize mainstream learning from K-12 to college.

VENTURE BEAT: Virtual Reality is Finally Ready to Revolutionize Education

Almost like a magic carpet ride, the system allows an instructor to take an entire classroom to different places. It can also be used with a small group of students sitting around a virtual conference table with an instructor at the head, as might be done in a college seminar course.

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